E-Commerce Development Solutions

E-Commerce Development Solutions

Do you know that there are around 12 million to 24 million active e-commerce sites in the globe? A huge number, indeed. And it is so easy for an online store to get lost in so much competition. At Technopixar, we provide you with the key to stand out. With our high-end website development, we help you achieve what your customers are looking for.

Technopixar offers outcome-driven B2B and B2C web-based e-commerce solutions. Our solutions meet the standards of all size organizations' prerequisites. With our solutions, we help to optimize your store and each of your websites. We seek to support you on the road to success. We enable you to entice more visitors and enhance your conversion by offering fresh text content in all prominent languages, on-point product descriptions, categorisations and tags.

B2C Stores

At Technopixar, we create responsive and user-friendly online stores so that digital brands can connect with customers and outshine the competition. We create appealing web designs for impeccable user experience, intuitive shopping carts for quick checkout and SEO and marketing automation tools for enhanced visibility of the store.

B2B Stores

We also create B2B commerce stores to ease the communication between your business and your partners, clients, and vendors and to increase high-volume sales. Our store lets you streamline your orders and inventory management. You can manage inventory, and make a difference among customers through contact pricing and particular catalogs.


Our e-commerce development company is efficient in designing multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplace to expedite sales and communication among different manufacturers or distributors and consumers. We offer great and easy-to-use features for marketplace owners, customers, vendors so that all users are able to experience easy and smooth selling and buying.

E-Commerce Portals

Under our e-commerce web development services, we create a portal that eases out the interaction and safe transactions between companies and their customers and partners. Our portals are equipped with easy registration and authentication mechanisms, content management tools for managing product descriptions and information-related materials and different self-service capabilities and chatbots to facilitate customer support.

Mobile App Development

We provide end-to-end mobile app development services and craft amazing apps with an enriched user experience and robust app performance. We aim to set newer standards in the mobile-first world and open up new business revenue streams for our customers.

With mobile app development, we offer retailers an extra digital touch point to have easy access to their target audience and provide a convenient shopping experience. You can track the location of your customer for targeted marketing, and offer fast credit or digital wallet checkout. Not only this, you can opt for push notification and voice shopping functionality to upgrade customer engagement.

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